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unforgettable adventures IN RANGELEY MAINE

Rangeley Jet Ski & Boat Rentals


Jet Ski Rental Prices

Full Day Rental


Half Day Rental


3 Hour Rental


2 Hour Rental


1 Hour Rental


Jet Ski Rentals

Explore Rangeley Lake effortlessly on our jet skis. They're fast and easy to maneuver, providing both excitement and scenic views. With flexible rental options and a convenient location, we offer a simple and unforgettable way to experience the lake. Come find out why our jet ski rentals are the go-to choice for lake adventures


Pontoon Boats

Enjoy a laid-back day on Rangeley Lake with our pontoon boat rentals. Ideal for parties, family gatherings, or lake exploration, these boats are user-friendly and can accommodate up to 15 passengers

Water Ski / Speed Boat

Experience Rangeley Lake in style
Perfect for fishing or relaxing, these boats also have the power to pull water skiers, wakeboarders, or rafters. Enjoy a versatile day on the lake with our speed boats!

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tow-behind inflatable madelina.jpeg

...And More!

Ask about our tow-behind inflatable rafts!

Life Jackets included with all rentals as well as a safety brief and instructions on how to operate our watercraft safely

Right now



When you come to Rangeley Maine, the best way to explore the entire lake is by Boat or Jet Ski, hands down!

We offer Jet Ski rentals by the hour with discounts for 2 and 3 hour blocks. Boat rentals are by the day. Lifejackets are included. Fuel is billed separate at $5 per gallon, based on how much you use

You can book a rental right here on our website, and meet us at the dock. We will make sure you know how to ride safely and will get you out on the water

Questions?  (207) 491-6625  


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